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Sclerotherapy is used for the larger deeper vessels that cannot be seen with a vein light or the naked eye.

Sclerotherapy uses a soapy foam material called sodium tetradecyl sulfate to close off the diseased vein. This substance is injected into the vein using a needle, and the soap irritates the inside of the vessel causing it to collapse or clot. The vein is then scarred shut by the body. Once the damaged vein is closed, the tiny surface vessels are not as visible and the large, deeper veins cause fewer problems. There are several types of sclerotherapy.

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Vein Light Sclerotherapy is used for smaller vessels that are closer to the skin surface. Microscope-Assisted Sclerotherapy and Veinlite assisted sclerotherapy treats the tiniest vessels close to the skin surface. Following sclerotherapy, we encourage you to wear prescription support stockings because these seem to make the treatment more effective.

Repeat sclerotherapy sessions can be necessary and additional treatments will be recommended if new abnormal veins appear. Physical activity is encouraged and there are very few restrictions on the things you can do after these treatments.

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Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

Watch our detailed video on an actual ultrasound guided sclerotherapy session done at Re*be.

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