Excisions on Moles & Lipomas

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Re*be® is a referral destination for some more difficult moles, lipomas, and warts. With our ablative lasers and use of a binocular surgical stereo microscope we can successfully treat in all parts of the body. We remove moles, warts and lipomas in the office under local anashtesia.

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What is a
Skin Biopsy?

The biopsy procedure if the staff at re*be decides it is necessary is done under local anesthesia or with no anesthesia.

A scrape biopsy or a small punch biopsy tool that looks like a tiny cookie cutter is used to remove a small amount of the abnormal skin. This skin is sent into the lap where a pathologist looks under the microscope to determine better what is wrong. Often treatment can be better planned when a more accurate diagnosis is obtained. The biopsy usually heals without a scar or a small scar.

A Big Step Forward

Our staff will gladly answer any questions you have before and after the procedure.

The biopsy is not always the final perfect way to determine what to do next difficult skin lesions but can be a big help. Infection from a biopsy is uncommon and generally if the wound is kept clean it will heal with a minimum of discomfort, little or no scarring and little chance of infection. On some occasions an excision is needed to remove more of the skin or tissue if abnormalities are detected.

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