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Breast Lift

Re*be® is known in a wide area of the country as a center for procedures done under local anesthesia.

Natural breasts can lose their shape overtime due to gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding or the way the breasts formed during puberty. Women who get breast lifts do not strive for the "perfect breasts" but instead desire their original breast shape back. Here at Re*be, we help women gain back their confidence by raising the breast and giving a significant reformation.

Dr. Kolegraff is a Fellow in the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery as well as a Fellow in the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery.

Before & After

Breast Lift
Patient One

Your breasts will be different and your results will also look different than this patients.

This is the patient from above several weeks after her breast lift surgery. The breast tissue inside the breast was not touched just the surface of the breast. The procedure is done so the nipple remains in place. The skin around the nipple and center of the breast is wrapped in a way to support the nipple and breast tissue.

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Breast Lift
With Implants

Re*be® is happy to offer breast lift procedures for those patients that can benefit from it.

If you think you need or will benefit from this procedure we would be glad to see you in consultation. Most insurance companies will not cover breast lift procedures and consider it cosmetic. Everyone's results are different. Breast lift surgery is not appropriate for everyone so if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Breast lift procedures work best for patients that have an adequate amount of breast tissue (do not need an implant) but just want it put back closer to where it was.

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