What Is
Vein Mapping

Most insurance plans will cover varicose vein mapping procedures offered at The re*be® Vein Clinic.

The physicians consultation and the duplex mapping examination is a most important first step to getting your veins treated properly. The duplex mapping study called a vein map at our clinic is used to figure out what veins need treatment and guide the doctors at re*be® through the laser procedures. Re*be® is one of only a very few independent clinics in Iowa that is certified by ICAVL for vascular diagnostic examinations.

How We Do IT

Vein Mapping

Vein Screening is done usually as a complementary procedure to determine if varicose vein disease is severe enough that your insurance company will cover the treatment.

An Ultrasound machine is used to check the superficial veins for reflux or broken vein valves. If your valves are OK you may be offered cosmetic treatments otherwise a formal evaluation is scheduled. Consult and mapping is an office visit to determine if you medically qualify to have your veins treated.

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