How it Works

Total Skin
Body Survey

Always get any abnormalities on your body checked by a professional.

Full Body Skin Exams are non-painful visual examinations of your skin. Niki Stall, NP-C will examine your skin for signs of skin cancer and utilize a dermoscope for mole examination and mapping. If necessary, lesions can be examined with a microscope in addition to a visual inspection.

We often offer same day treatment of any suspicious lesions.

Check & Compare

ABCDE of Moles
for Skin Cancer

Reference the image to compare mole types.

  • AsymmetryMoles should be symmetrical.
  • BorderMole borders should be smooth. Irregular or poorly defined borders should be noted.
  • ColorMole color should be even and the same in color.
  • DiameterTypically, moles should be less than 6mm, or the size of a pencil eraser.
  • EvolvingMoles should generally all look similar. If a mole is changing in any way or does not look like the rest of your moles, you should be evaluated.

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