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Filler Basics

Filling harsh lines and wrinkles on the side of the nose and corners of the mouth is some truly immediate gratifying changes we offer at Re*be®.

The products we use now are Juvederm® and Radiesse®. When used with Botox® the combination is referred to as a liquid facelift. Botox® is used around and between the eyes.

It is a material made up of compounds you already have in your body. It is in a form that we can control and inject to immediately fill and lift up the skin flattening out harsh wrinkles. Fillers are used to level depressed scars as well.

Juvederm Injection Frequently Asked Questions

Does injecting Juvederm® hurt?

At re*be® we use a topical anesthetic to prepare your skin for the injections. Using Juvederm® XC and Juvederm® XC Plus products, these have local anesthetic mixed in with the product. Lidocaine will numb up the area that the Juvederm® is injected and reduce the discomfort.

Are the changes permanent?

No. The changes will last 6 months to one year and there are claims for perhaps more. There are some fillers that are permanent however this creates a problem as you age and we do not recommend you use them.

How should I care for the area after injection?

Once treatment is completed you should avoid manipulating the area as to do so will move the filler into a new location. This can be done by your doctor to change the shape or look of the injection.

How long do the treatments take?

Depending on the area most treatments take 5-15 minutes for the injections and about 20 minutes for the topical numbing medicine to work.

The Very Best

Facial Fillers

Re*be® is known in a wide area of the country as a center for procedures done under local anesthesia.

Filling harsh lines and wrinkles is some truly immediate and gratifying changes we offer at re*be®. It is a material made up of compounds you already have in your body (hyaluronic acid). It is in a gelatin like form that we can control with good precision and inject where it is needed most. With the new addition of Silhouette-Lift® suture face lift and a laser peel it is becoming possible to challenge and even in some cases exceed the results of a traditional face lift without as much cutting of the skin.

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