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Re*be® offers local anesthesia topically or with injections of Xylocaine.

These photographs were taken before laser tattoo treatment was started and then after more than a dozen treatments with the laser. Blue pigment and green pigment are the most difficult to remove however we can obtain pretty good results with our Quanta q-switch laser. Your results will be different.

Laser Tattoo Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Will all the ink come off?

No. In most cases you will get the tattoo much lighter and then drop out of your treatment schedule. The smaller the amounts of ink the more difficult it is for the laser to break it up. You can get the tattoo light enough that finding the remaining ink will be difficult.

Does it hurt?

Most patients experience mild to moderate discomfort during the procedure and is similar to the pain of getting the tattoo put on. We offer local anesthesia topically or with injections of Xylocaine if you want to use it.

How much does it cost?

We charge $85 for a laser tattoo treatment when the tattoo fits under a business card. Each additional card size area will cost less when treated at the same time. Adding local anesthesia will increase the cost $25.

How many treatments will it take?

Many. Every tattoo is different and answering this question is at best a guess. Your results will be different. We can list some of the factors that affect the ability to remove the ink. The color of the ink is one of the most important factors with blue and green ink.

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