Vaser® what is it?

Vaser® is a registered trademark and property of Sound Surgical Technologies LLC.

The letters V A S E R stand for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance

This is a product provided by Sound Surgical Technologies LLC to emulsify fat using high energy ultrasound vibrations. Emulsifying the fat breaks it free from the connective tissue to make it removable during a liposuction procedure. There are different techniques to do this same thing on the market. BodyJet® is another technique that uses a fan shaped water jet to do the same thing. Laser uses concentrated light of a specific wavelength that only generates heat when it leaves the tip of the laser fiber. The head from the tiny laser tip destroys the fat cells and shrinks the surrounding tissue much like cooking bacon. The bacon shrinks in the frying pan just watch it. The VASER® probe generates heat along its entire course and in the earlier versions of this product caused considerable trauma at the skin entry sites. This problem was greatly improved by adding the use of port site protection cuffs. The probe incision sites can be slightly bigger for the VASER® probe than the laser cannulas but after the wounds are healed the appearance of the healed port sites is generally very similar.

The results of your liposuction procedure (ultimate appearance of your treated areas) really appears to be more related to the experience, skill and effort of the surgeon and the team caring for you rather than the technique used to emulsify the fat. A doctor's enthusiasm for one technique over the other seems to be more related to his or her experience with each. Many of the most experienced clinics we visited have most if not all of this equipment and have tried the ones they did not possess. They seem to be gravitating to the use of laser for emulsification feeling the skin tightening may be slightly better and for some reason focusing on the smaller port holes possible with use of laser ports.

It was most interesting to visit and undergo training with Dr. Jeffery Klein in San Juan Capistrano California. Dr. Klein rightly deserves the distinction of developing the tumescent anesthesia technique for liposuction for all of us. Jill and I did witness Dr. Klein do several liposuction procedures with no or minimal use of an emulsification assistance device. It is really hard to tell any difference in these cases. The fat removal seems to be more efficient if some technique is used to emulsify it first.

Fat emulsification can be done under local tumescent anesthesia with any of these techniques. This is the real advantage for all of these techniques making them much safer (1000 times safer) than general anesthesia. The re*be® clinic has considerable experience with over 2000 tumescent anesthesia procedures and are quite comfortable with the subtle nuances of this technique. The re*be® clinic has extensive experience with lasers and apparently more under one roof than any clinic in a wide region. It was a logical choice for us and the Sciton® Joule® platform we now use made an enormous amount of sense for our clinic.

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