Tumescent Anesthesia

This is a way to make your skin and tissue numb so surgery can take place

Tumescent Anesthesia is done by using large amounts of local anesthesia diluted greatly so it can be injected over a very large area. The advantage over traditional anesthesia are huge both in cost and safety factors. You will be wide awake normally but if you would like or if needed a small amount of medication to make you sleepy can be used. The anesthesia does last for 2 hours or more sometimes up to 8 hours. It has been considered over 1000 times safer than a general anesthetic. Tumescent Anesthesia allows for procedures to be done in the clinic as opposed to the hospital. Many of the hospital related costs are much less in a doctor's clinic. We use Lidocaine, epinepherine and a small amount of sodium bicarbonate in Normal Saline for our tumescent mixture. Varicose veins, laser liposuction, Laser face peels, ambulatory phlebectomy, and scar revisions are being done at re*be® under tumescent anesthesia.

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