Total body skin survey

A total body skin survey is a detailed examination of your skin to check for abnormal growths or moles even in difficult to examine areas.

Line drawing of a naked man and woman indicating a complete skin exam areas.
Your exam will begin with by placing you in clinic wrap gowns and a couple of towels. You will usually start lying on your back. The doctor will examine your skin starting between your toes and continuing up one side to your scalp. A nurse will be in the room and will mark on a diagram the location of any abnormalities noted by the doctor. Photographs of some areas or lesions may be taken as well. These photographs can be of value especially when a skin lesion changes over time. Any lesions or areas that need biopsies or further treatment will be noted and arrangements made for this to be done either at the time of the exam or a later appointment. You will be asked to turn over and the process is repeated on your back. If there are abnormalities noted this exam will be repeated annually as appropriate.

Skin Self Examination

The procedure Dr. Kolegraff uses during a Total Body Skin Survey is similar in many ways to a skin self-examination as shown in this video. If necessary, lesions can be examined with a microscope in addition to a visual inspection. Click on this link to learn a good basic procedure for a self skin examination.

Why Use Sunscreen?

The does many wonderful things for us however our skin does not have perfect protection from damage that appears to be clearly due to sun exposure. Please watch this video about the benefits of sun protection and the reasons for being careful about over exposure to the sun. Click on this link to learn a good basic procedure for a self skin examination.

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