re*be Liposuction

Liposuction can be done at re*be® on the Face, neck chest upper arms, abdomen hips outer thighs, inner thighs flanks back and breast folds

photo of patient before laser liposuction on the upper and lower abdomen

Photograph of patient marked for the procedures show the lines and circles showing where the concentrations of fat and outlining asymmetrical areas. This is very important because when the patients lay down the shape changes making it more difficult to locate the landmarks.

re*be® has been extensively remodeled and purchase state of the art new equipment to be able to offer laser liposuction. This procedure is now done under tumescent anesthesia. Dr. Kolegraff has performed over 2000 tumescent anesthesia cases for the varicose vein part of his practice. This gives re*be a huge experience to draw from for our latest offering Laser liposuction. Dr. Kolegraff and his wife Jill have trained with Dr. Roger Hogue in Maple Grove M.N., a true pioneer in laser liposuction. They have traveled to Los Angeles to train with Dr. Jeffery Klein one of the founders of the procedure and have trained with Dr. Mark Saltzman in Louisville KY.

Prolipo brochure rebe®

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