Lasertyte™ first test

Dr. Kolegraff had the right side of his face treated with 30,000 Joules of laser energy.

The before and after photos were taken less than an hour apart.

before Photo of Dr K prepared for Lasertyte™ half face study masked side

Treated Photo of Dr K preparetreated with Lasertyte™ half face study Not treated

Treated Photo of Dr K prepared for Lasertyte™ half face study Not treated

The rebe clinic is quick to evaluate new treatments and when we feel they will be useful we will offer to treat medically qualified patients. We believe Lasertyte done with a Sicton's Joule™ laser set on pure 1319 infrared energy is penetrating the epidermis into the superficial dermis where it's water chromophore is more abundant. Absorption of the water chromophore may be creating enough instant denaturation of the protein collagen matrix to allow shrinkage of the superficial dermis. The equivalent to what happens to bacon when it is cooked. Questions remain as to the long term utility for this procedure but from this experience using it as a 'red carpet' prep as some in Hollywood now rely on our Titan® procedure from Cutera® would clearly be supported. I know we are excited by this test and our several of our staff want to be next.

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