Laser ... what is it?

The letters L A S E R stand for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

A laser generates a very easy to focus beam of high energy light that passes nicely through long fibers made out of glass. The advantage for patients very concentrated beams of light can deliver heat to the tip of the tiny laser fiber. With the assistance of an external ultrasound machine we can precisely guide the tip of the laser fiber to where we want the heat.

The re*be® clinic uses many lasers to treat medical and cosmetic conditions. For liposuction laser energy is our preferred method of breaking up the fat and tightening the overlying skin. During our varicose vein procedure we use lasers to treat the inside of the vein greatly reducing the 'down time' or healing time from traditional vein stripping.

Dr. Kolegraff majored in chemistry at the University of California at Santa Barbara and worked in the laser physics laboratory with a large cumbersome tunable dye laser. The founder of Sciton® Jim Hobart, was one of the builders of this dye laser when he worked for another company many years ago. Dr. Kolegraff's background in chemistry and lasers provided a solid foundation to investigate the current laser technology and is one of many reasons re*be has been successful.

Lasers work by generating heat. The beauty of the single wavelength of light generating heat is that some things heat up and others do not. This is what makes laser hair removal possible with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue.

Lasers allow precision that is difficult to achieve otherwise

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