Kybella® for your double chin

Kybella® is a simple injection to treat your double chin. It works by using a biological substance to remove and eliminate fat cells.

Everyone has different results your will be different also.

Who uses Kybella® and why

Kybella® injections for control of double chin.
Cosmetic procedure available at rebe®

Kybella® Basics

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With the combination of Botox® to relax wrinkles, the use of fillers to replace lost volume and adding Kybella® to reduce excess volume in the chin re*be® does it all. If you need more to head toward the look you want we also offer chin lifts and lower face lifts all done in the office under local anesthesia. Our preferred approach is to do this gradually over several months if you need several things done. Injections of Botox® and fillers for those with a few weeks before the big event work just fine too. The first step is to use Botox® to relax the wrinkles in the face where we can. If the fat under your chin includes significant jowels CoolSculpting® may be a better option. Kybella® can possibly cause some nerve problems if it is injected into the jowels so it is avoided in that location. It also allows for filler to go farther in that the wrinkles are not as deep and are filled with less filler volume. Please note that for your chin the approach is comprehensive at re*be®. Rather than attempting to apply a single treatment for everyone we offer Kybella®, CoolSculpting®, liposuction, Silhouette-Lifts®, neck lifts, lower face and neck lifts. All of these procedures can help or improve your neck. Please come in for a complimentary consultation to see which option or combination of options is best for your needs.

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Frequently asked questions about Kybella®

Does injecting Kybella® hurt?
We use Kybella® made by Allergan® which is commercial grade and very pure. When Kybella® is injected there is redness swelling and discomfort. Since Kybella® was made available to us, we have been very happy with its ability to reduce fat under the chin and the discomfort has been acceptable. We have several ways to help control the pain. Injection local anesthesia is not used because it likely would reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Most people can tolerate the pain with a minimal discomfort. Injections hurt less because we use very tiny needles. At re*be® we use a topical application of cold packs to prepare your skin for the injections. Cold compress after the injections can be used briefly to reduce your discomfort as well.
Is Kybella® expensive?
Somewhat. We think our prices are comparable to others providing similar services. Kybella® is less expensive that surgical procedures in the same area. Kybella® injected into the chin area cost is comparable to the other procedures and similar to CoolSculpting®. Two treatments are usually needed 6 weeks or more apart.
Are the Kybella® changes permanent?
Maybe, definitely long term. The changes will be long term because the fat treated is distroyed and removed by your body. Your fat cells are believed to be fixed in number at about the age of 12. Cells that are destroyed do not seen to come back very quickly if at all.
How should I care for the area after my Kybella®?
Once treatment is completed you should avoid manipulating the area. A brief application of ice can help if there is discomfort immediately after the Kybella® is injected. There is no special care other than keeping an eye on the injection site for any problems such as redness or infection.
How long do the treatments take?
Most treatments take 15-30 minutes for the injections and about 20 minutes to get you ready.
Why do you choose Kybella® over other procedures?
There are many procedures available at re*be® and everyone's results are different. Kybella® is ideal for younger people with small amounts of fat in the central portion of the chin. If you have jowels, CoolSculpting® may be a better choice. Extra skin can be the problem for some people, expecially when you are older. Surgical Silhouette-Lifts®, L-Lift or S-Lift may be a better choice. Consultations are complimentary and the best way to determine a treatment plan that addresses your concerns.
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