Liquid Facelift Basics

With the combination of Botox®, the use of gel fillers such as Juvederm® and Radiesse® a balanced approach can be taken to revitalize the aging effects on the face. Our approach is to do this gradually for those with a few weeks before the big event. The first step is to use Botox® to relax the wrinkles in the face where we can. Using this technique of relaxing the muscles first allows for more precise placing of the filler. It also allows for filler to go farther in that the wrinkles are not as deep and are filled with less filler volume. Returning for a Botox® check in a week allows for adjustments in your Botox® and to then fill the deeper wrinkles with filler. The combination of the two results in very rapid and when compared to a surgical face lift very inexpensive way to rejuvenate some changes that normally occur with age. Filling harsh lines and wrinkles is some truly immediate gratifying changes we offer at re*be®. It is a material made up of compounds you already have in your body (hyaluronic acid). It is in a gelatin like form that we can control with good precision and inject where it is needed most.

Watch a video explaining injectable Fillers

Frequently asked questions about Juvederm®

Does injecting Juvederm® hurt?
We use Juvederm® XC and Juvederm® XC Plus products that have local anesthetic mixed in with the product. Lidocaine will numb up the area that the Juvederm® is injected and reduce the discomfort. Since Juvederm® XC was made available to us we have been very happy with the reduction in discomfort over the older preparations that did not contain Lidocaine. We have several ways to help control the pain. Injection local anesthesia can also be used and seems to be the best for this procedure. Most people can tolerate the pain with a minimal local anesthetic. Injections hurt less now than several years ago. At re*be® we use a topical anesthetic to prepare your skin for the injections. Cold compress after the injections can be used briefly to reduce your discomfort as well.
Is Juvederm® expensive?
Somewhat. We think our prices are comparable to others providing similar services. A 1 syringe of Juvederm® injected into the wrinkle runs $525 for our re*be patrons with the Brilliant Distinctions discount from Allergan(tm) the cost is about $500. We do not save left over amounts to use later. This practice is frowned on by the industry and may not be medically a good idea. Our re*be® patrons will get a $25 discount per syringe if they buy two at the same time. Juvederm® and Radiesse® are the same price. This includes the injection and all the supplies.
Are the Juvederm® changes permanent?
No. The changes will last 6 months to one year and there are claims for perhaps more. There are some fillers that are permanent however this creates a problem as you age and we do not recommend you use them. The contours of your face will change with time. A filler that does not will not be in the shape you need later. A filler that is biodegradable is removed naturally and can be adjusted as needed to your changing contour.
How should I care for the area after my Juvederm®?
Once treatment is completed you should avoid manipulating the area as to do so will move the filler into a new location. This can be done by your doctor to change the shape or look of the injection. A brief application of ice can help if there is discomfort immediately after the filler is injected. generally there is no special care other than keeping an eye on the injection site for any problems.
How long do the treatments take?
Depending on the area most treatments take 5-15 minutes for the injections and about 20 minutes for the topical numbing medicine to work.
Why do you choose Juvederm® over other fillers?
There are many fillers on the market however at this time we feel the advantages of Juvederm® from Allergan® for our practice surpass products that are similar from others. Radiesse® is also used at re*be® when we can place it in a deeper and need a larger volume of product. The volume of a syringe of Radiesse® is larger than Juvederm® We charge the same price for Juvederm® and for Radiesse® so if you would like to discuss fillers please call and set up a complimentary consultation.
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