Hemorrhoids are varicose veins too

re*be is happy to offer Infrared hemorrhoid coagulation for internal hemorrhoids.

The rebe clinic has equipment to treat your hemorrhoids without anesthesia in the doctor's office.

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Infomercial for re*be's light based hemorrhoid treatment.

This is a video of a commercial shown on local television for hemorrhoid treatment with the Redfield Corporation­ Infrared Hemorrhoid coagulator. This procedure can control hemorrhoids for prolonged periods. The application of this treatment is quick and the insurance plans we take at re*be have been covering the procedure. Repeat treatments can be needed and are usually done at three month intervals. No anesthesia is necessary in many cases. The procedure compares very nicely to the more difficult hemorrhoid banding or surgical excision. re*be treats hemorrhoids because hemorrhoids are varicose veins too.

download the Hemorrhoid brochure from re*be

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