Credentials of the re*be® clinic and staff

Photo collage of the staff at work at re*be® of Okoboji

We the physicians and staff at re*be® are proud of the commitment we have made to excellence and feel our credentials show it.

Photo of Dr. Kolegraff's medical license from Iowa.Iowa License

Dr. Kolegraff's Iowa Medical license

Dr. Kolegraff is licensed to practice medicine in 4 states, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota. This is a photo of his license from the State of Iowa. Dr. Kolegraff has and maintained in good standing a license to practice medicine and surgery in Iowa since 1984. Dr. Kolegraff's traveling general surgery practice included the towns of Spencer, Spirit Lake, Estherville, Emmetsburg, and Pocahontas.

Photo of Dr. Kolegraff's medical license from Minnesota.Minnesota License

Dr. Kolegraff's Minnesota License

This is a photograph of Dr. Kolegraff's license to practice in Minnesota. Dr. Kolegraff worked for The Hogue Vein Institute headquartered in Maple Grove, Minnesota just west of Minneapolis. Dr. Roger Hogue has been instrumental in training in phlebology (varicose veins) and has constant support for laser liposuction training. Dr. Kolegraff's Hogue Vein responsibilities have primarily been in Mankato Minnesota however he will on an as needed basis there in the future.

Photo of Dr. Kolegraff's medical license from North Dakota.North Dakota License

Dr. Kolegraff's North Dakota license

Dr. Kolegraff has and maintains a license to practice medicine in North Dakota. This was obtained for training purposes and is maintained just incase this opportunity or need arises again. In the future the Hogue Vein Institute may assign Dr. Kolegraff in Fargo, North Dakota for varicose vein procedures.

ICAVL logo for peripheral vascular certificationICAVL Credential

re*be® is authorized to fly
The ICAVL Credential
for peripheral vascular certification

rebe is certified in peripheral venous disease by ICAVL. ICAVL is a national certifying agency Click on the link to see the list of only a few other Iowa clinics with this credential. The initials ICAVL stand for The Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories. This organization provides accreditation programs not for the individuals but for clinics that use ultrasound to provide noninvasive vascular evaluations and testing. The ICAVL is a member division of the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). The IAC is composed of six member divisions all are dedicated to one common mission which is to ensuring quality patient care and to promote health care within specific medical specialties.

Photo of Dr. Kolegraff's RVT credential nationally recognized.RVT Credential

Dr. Kolegraff's RVT Credential

Dr. Kolegraff is one of only a few physicians who has shown the commitment to licensing and credentials to actually obtain his RVT. This is a credential to certify he has the background and training to operate the diagnostic ultrasound equipment at re*be®. re*be® of Okoboji has 4 duplex ultrasound machines and two on staff with the RVT credential.

Photo of Dr. Kolegraff's RVT credential nationally recognized.Vein Credentials

Dr. Kolegraff's Certification in
Phlebology (varicose veins)

Dr. Kolegraff is a Diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, one of only a few physicians in the State who has shown the commitment to licensing and credentials to actually obtain this credential in Phlebology, or Varicose Veins. Credentials alone do not ever guarantee results but it clearly shows commitment to the specialty and is rarely obtained by clinics that only do varicose veins as a sideline to another medical or surgical practice. Varicose veins is a major focus of re*be®. We have been the busiest vein clinic in the state of Iowa for several years now and hope to continue and perhaps one day rightly claim the title as the best vein practice in Iowa. This is a credential and a new board certification offered by the American Board of Phlebology that clearly was needed to recognize a new surgical specialty of Phlebology (varicose veins). Dr. Kolegraff was one of a select few nationally to participate in the charter class to take the board examination in Phlebology. As of June 2017, there are about 600 individuals nationally that successfully completed this exam earning the credential shown here.

Photo of Dr. Kolegraff's Board Certification in Surgery from the American Board of Surgery.Surgery Boards

Dr. Kolegraff's Board Certification in
Surgery (General Surgery)

Dr. Kolegraff is a Board Certified Phlebologist in Iowa, one of only 4 physicians in the State with this credential. Dr. Kolegraff has been practicing general surgeon in Northwest Iowa for 25 years and is also Board Certified in General Surgery by The American Board of Surgery. This specialty board was established in 1937 and currently there are estimated to be 23,000 board certified general surgeons currently practicing in the USA. The American Board of surgery is one of 24 medical and surgical specialty boards that are members of American Board of Medical Specialties. Board certification does not ever guarantee results but it clearly shows effort and commitment to a medical or surgical speciality. Being double boarded is not common but clearly appropriate to re*be®'s goal of one day being the best vein center in Iowa.

Photo of Dr. Kolegraff's RVT credential nationally recognized.National Boards

Dr. Kolegraff's National Board Certification

Every physician practicing medicine should have this certificate. It is given to new doctors after the pass the national boards given by The National Board of Medical Examiners. Caring for patients in many training hospitals require the new doctor pass the National Boards prior to beginning work on patients.

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