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photo of billboard showing a sculpture of clay made by Dr. Kolegraff showing his hands working on a female torso.

Artist is your surgeon

Dr. Kolegraff has been asked on several occasions if he is a sculptor. The answer seemed likely 'yes' because sculpture is something he does every day at re*be® working surgical tools, fillers and laser liposuction for cosmetic and surgical patients. In the first week of February, 2012 Dr. Kolegraff began using clay to complete some online sculpting courses and has received some excellent training help from several nationally recognized artists. This sculpture has been created from oil clay by Dr. Kolegraff and as of now does not have a name. Our goal is to ultimately have the sculpture cast in bronze and also make many copies of her in other materials. She should ultimately become the re*be® iconic symbol and mascot. This too we hope will answer the question Can Dr. Kolegraff Sculpt? with a definitive yes for most people. This billboard is currently being designed and the final form not yet decided.

photo of billboard announcing new laser for toe fungus, feet in wine barrel stepping on grapes.

New Laser for Toe Fungus

rebe® has been investigating the utility of using laser light energy to control difficult to treat toe fungus. This new billboard is to celebrate this new service at re*be®. The image of feet stepping on grapes to prepare them for fermentation is used to underscore only one example of where poor hygiene may have unintended consequences such as changing the flavor of your wine. borrowing on the text messaging lingo just a bit with the '@' sign and the numeral '4' to represent the word 'for' is a subtle attempt to be contemporary. Sciton® has created a neat new hand piece and internal changes to our laser system that they collectively call Clearsense™ for us to deliver light energy to the toenail bed.

photo of billboard anouncing

re*be® Now does laser liposuction

rebe® is proud to offer laser liposuction under local anesthesia in Okoboji Iowa. We have state of the art procedure rooms, some of the best and well trained staff, and did our homework to be able to offer this procedure. Laser assisted liposuction done with Sciton®'s ProLipo Plus laser is fast becoming an industry standard.

photo of billboard anouncing

re*be® one of the finest and best credentialed vein centers in Iowa

rebe is certified in peripheral venous disease by ICAVL. ICAVL is a national certifying agency Click on the link to see the list of only a few other Iowa clinics with this credential. The initials ICAVL stand for The Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories. This organization provides accreditation programs not for the individuals but for clinics that use ultrasound to provide noninvasive vascular evaluations and testing. The ICAVL is a member division of the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). The IAC is comprised of six member divisions all are dedicated to one common mission which is to ensuring quality patient care and to promote health care within specific medical specialties. Our goal at re*be® is to earn the reputation of the finest vein center in the state of Iowa.

photo of re*be skinny dipping billboard at Vic's corner.

Sure the Roof Garden is Gone but the memories don't have to be.

This billboard is generating some questions. Skinny dipping in the past was apparently quite a popular reason to go to the Okoboji area Great Lakes. At least 40-50 patients in their 80's and quite a bit older than that even have told me stories about the Roof Garden, occasionally beer involved and skinny dipping at night in West Lake Okoboji. This billboard was designed with a nostalgic look to hopefully bring memories of those days. The hope was to capture a similar design used on older metal olive oil cans sold in the early 1900s. Skinny dipping in West Lake Okoboji is illegal and is not recommended by re*be®. Getting things that might not look so good if you happened to be skinny dipping (or chunky dunking) is well within what we offer at re*be®.

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