re*be® Latisse®

Latisse® test

re*be® is quick to embrace promising technology however as with most all of our treatments we like to be sure of their effectiveness before we offer them to our patients. Dr. Kolegraff applied Latisse® pretty close to the manufacturer's recommendations for as long as he could stand it. His right eyelash became quite luscious as a result. This is the best photo we have of the change before he quit using the product. Although these are not great photos, they do demonstrate the difference in the two lashes. We are happy to support the use of Latisse® and will be glad to offer re*be® patients the product. Latisse® is available by prescription and we keep them on file with your chart when you purchase the product from us.


Latisse® logo photograph

re*be® is a participant in Allergan® corporation's Brilliant Distinctions® program. Latisse® is used to enhance the upper eyelashes with the gentile application of clear odorless liquid. Latisse® is included in the Allergan® Brilliant Distinctions® program which will provide an instant cash rebate to be applied to your purchase. re*be® is the Iowa Great Lakes Area's only participant in the Brilliant Distinctions® program.

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