Laser Genesis

What is Laser Genesis for?

Laser Genesis is a light based treatment that targets a number of very common conditions and can be used on the face, neck, chest and hands with no down time. We use one of the best lasers on the market made, a Cutera® Zeo, that produces clean powerful light energy at just the wavelength we need to target irregularities in your skin. The procedure can be used to lighten brown spots, reduce the shadows that are caused by pores, reduce redness from frost bite injury or from rosacea. Laser Genesis does help pore size and the results last for quite a while as it makes changes in your skin that should be permanent, however your skin will change with time so that your pores will continue to get bigger. If you look at your parents, their pores should be larger than yours. If you have only half of your face treated with the five laser genesis treatments, those pores should be smaller for the rest of your life. We do laser resurfacing and use laser genesis as a foundation for the laser peel (same thing a resurfacing). If we flatten your pores with the Laser genesis, the peel results seem to be even better. You can call the clinic for a complimentary cosmetic consultation and we can show you what we do.

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